Screaming Diatribe
Wednesday, May 11, 2005
too long
too long, too long. why write now?

Monday, March 28, 2005
Daily Scream
While I have much to write--I say that all the time and never get around to it--this strikes me as utterly absurd--and that is the fact that soldiers, etc. have to worry about their houses being foreclosed, credit cards, etc. when many of these soldiers, especially the reservists, etc. are being taken away from their jobs at a moments notice. It is already bad enough that we do not pay our soldiers enough, but this is simply absurd.

More later

Saturday, March 26, 2005
Daily Scream
Various thoughts:

1. The Terry Schiavo case dominated the news like I could never have imagined. I think the right thing to do would have been to give her parents the injunction they were looking for and to declare the law the Congress passed as absolutely unconstitutional. Instead, neither happened. It is too bad that her family could not have been given a last shot to make their case, especially since they claim to have new evidence that cannot be introduced at the appellate level.

2. If the Army investigators have recommended that 17 soldiers be prosecuted for murder in the case of several deaths of POWs, then why bother with the investigation at all? Why doesn't the Pentagon simply tell the world--Hey asswipes, we'll do whatever we want. The murder of POWs means nothing to us--but you had better accord our future POWs with all the respect they deserve. It is interesting to note that the POWs that were taken by the Hussein regime, both in 1991 and the recent conflict, were never killed.

3. Of course, it is tragic to make a silly note, after the above to notes, but the irony of this world is that the silly, the tragic, the profound, and the mundane notes all exist side-by-side in this absurd symphony we call life------the Lakers are done for. Where is the Daddy when we need him?

Thursday, March 24, 2005
Daily Scream
Here are several books that I think one ought to read:

1. Amsterdam, by Ian McEwan, is a delightful little read, given the fact that it ends in the most pernicious of ways--a double murder. Given the recent discussions that many have been engaged in concerning the right to live, the right to die, and so forth, one ought to consider where it is that the double murders took place and why they took place there.

2. I finished both Peterson's Nibley: A Consecrated Life and Beck's Leaving the Saints yesterday. I am not sure what to make of Beck's accusations that Nibley, her father, molested her. One the one hand it seems to me that she is describing post-traumatic stress disorder, a far more plausible scenario that recovered memory syndrome, which I find to be rather dubious. On the other hand, there is nothing to substantiate her claims. She lived in a small house, in cramped quarters, and her father was, if anything, neglectful rather than abusive. He simply wasn't there--a fact many now admit.

So, to sum it all up? Nibley's stature will unlikely be diminished by this work. He will continue to live in the minds of many Latter-Day Saints, though none of them read him. Likewise, many will not read either of these books. But everyone will be asking, who got cut from American Idol?

Monday, March 21, 2005
Daily Scream
Just in case you'd thought that I've given the Bush Administration too much of a free pass, here are a couple of thoughts:

1. Why is it okay to have an open deadline, to not threaten attack, to want to negotiate with a regime that supports terror, sells weapons to terrorists, is cruel to its own people, and ignores all international law? Such is the case with North Korea. Now, I am not proposing we attack, but certainly one might ask why this plan of action was insufficient for Iraq.

2. Tell us something we didn't know. The Bush administration was flying by the seat of its pants with no post-war plan for any type of resolution in its back pocket. At least we got to drop some bombs.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Holy Addendum
Fathers of the world beware--give into your daughter's every demand. No shopping spree is too large, no dress is too dfaring, no car is too fast, no date is too late. After all, if you disagree, perhaps she'll waste you and say that you were trying to kill yourself. It will be fascinating to see how this goes. . . . In the meantime, bewareeeeeee . . . . . .

Daily Scream
All two of you must have thought that I was dead. This is no way to build a readership, Captain, you've got to spend time. You've got to write. You've got to be dedicated. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am tired of letting things like obligation and responsibility get in the way of my life. At the very least I can blow off things that I claim are important to me. So, Screaming Diatribe suffers. But I love it like the ugly child that it is . . .

So maybe if you're a terrorist and can't come up with ideas on your own, you just wait for Homeland security to come up with them for you and release them in a report. I am sure terrorists read the paper. . .

One has to admit, at least lovers of chaos, that a steel cage match will be the only way to solve the issue of judicial nominees. Imagine Ted Kennedy--wearing his Hulk Hogan briefs--throwing down with Bill Frist, having donned a cape. . . OK, I admit it, I have crossed the line. If I don't watch out, I will find myself violating some indecency act. Too bad MTV got rid of celebrity death match.

Thanks for the memories. Who says that politics can't be like high school? You're my friend, you're not my friend, you're my friend . . . . Kerry will learn one thing from this, lose and you're a loser and nobody likes a loser.

Friday, March 04, 2005
Daily Scream
According to a NY Times poll Bush is out of step with Americans on a variety of issues. What I find most interesting is the number--79%--of Americans who think that government "should" provide a dencent standard of living for the elderly. That is an insurmountable number in my opinion. Also 61% are in favor of raising the amount of income subject to the SS tax and and 69% think personal accounts are a bad idea if it means a reduced payment.

I cannot imagine how Bush will make this palatable. What surprises me more, however, is how few Republicans seem to be out there stumping for this. And after all Bush did for them in 2002 . . . .

What is also interesting is that Greenspan says the current budgets and spending habits of the Congress are unstable. He argued that "When you being to do the arithemetic of what the rising debt level implied by the deficits tells you, and you add interest costs to that ever-rising debt, at ever higher interest rates, the system becomes fiscally destabilizing. Unless we do something to ameliorate it in a very significant manner, we will be in a state of stagnation."

I wonder if any Republican will have the guts to step forward and take the point on this one. It seems very unlikely.

Certainly the democrats, such as H. Clinton would love to, but there are way too many crazies in the party now to even hold out a glimmer of hope for that.....

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